Red Dead Revolver

Hello all, new guy here! ;D

I was just wondering how many of you have ever played the PS2/Xbox videogame “Red Dead Revolver,” and what your feelings are about the game. Personally speaking, RDR was my introduction to spaghettis a couple of years back, which is kind of strange when you think about a videogame introducing someone to a movie genre. After finishing the game several times over and watching a few movies, I had a newfound appreciation for these flicks, and I’ve probably bought over two dozen spaghetti DVDs since that time. Along with chambara and kung-fu, spaghetti has quickly become one of my favorite old-school film genres.

If you’ve never seen or heard of it, RDR is more or less one long tribute to spaghetti westerns. The main antagonist is cut directly from the “Man With No Name” cloth, the main theme is revenge, the game has a cool “distressed” look that emulates the degenerative film quality of some of the older movie prints, and the soundtrack features actual pieces from Morricone, Niccolai, DeMasi, etc. There are even several bosses and locales that are lifted almost directly from the films (the “machine-gun-in-a-coffin” boss from the graveyard showdown directly comes to mind).

There’s another recent western videogame called “Gun”, which is also very good on the whole, if not quite as enjoyable as RDR (in my opinion). Gun is far less influenced by the Italian western aesthetic, but to its credit features a slightly more refined control system.

Some earlier discussion about the spaghetti western games:,276.0.html