Recycled DVD interviews question

I know that the Gianni Garko interview on the wildeast Sartana disc appears to be a condensed version of “Mondo Garko”, on the koch DJango Box.

I was wondering about two other interviews:

  1. Is the Giuliano Gemma interview on the New Entertainment California disc the same as his interview on the Wildeast Day of Anger disc minus the english subs?

  2. Is the Anthony Steffen Killer Kid interview the same as his interview on the Wildeast Gentleman killer disc?

Thanks in advanced for the info.

All I know is that the Lou Castel interview on Kill and Pray is the same as the one in their Matalo! release.

The Gemma interviews are the same.
Can’t say about the Steffen ones as I don’t have Gentleman Killer.

Thanks for the info. I suspect the same is true for the Steffen’s