I’m relatively new to SW appreciation and have collected most of the best known titles to date:

Once Upon a Time in the West
A Fistful of Dollars
For a Few Dollars More
The Great Silence
Death Rides a Horse
The Big Gundown
Day of Anger
Return of Sabata
The Grand Duel
Beyond the Law
God’s Gun
Kid Vengeance (yeah, I know - but it was part of a cheapo LvC box set)
A Bullet for the General
Texas Adios
Four of the Apocalypse (didn’t like this one)

Looking ahead, I was thinking that A Professional Gun should be next on my list, followed perhaps by the likes of The Hills Run Red and maybe Navajo Joe (I’m intrigued by the descriptions in Howard Hughes’ “Once Upon a Time in the Italian West”, even though this author’s dissing of OUATITW, which I consider far superior to GBU, was most irritating). Any suggestions would be very welcome, thanks.

Nice collection you got there. For Professional gun try to steer clear of the budget releases. When I was new to the genre I generally went by actor. After seeing the Eastwood’s and Van Cleef’s , I would move on to the Nero’s, and then to the Garko’s, Steffens, etc…

I’m gonna say what I use to say: Try Requiem For A Gringo, Shotgun, A Bullet For Sandoval, John The Bastard, The Boldest Job In The West etc. but my main recommendation would be: watch everything you find interesting.

Yeah, I agree with Silence, check out what you think would interest you. That and the site’s top 20s and users’ top 20s.