Recommend Me An Italian Horror


I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a good Italian horror, maybe something available in decent quality?

I’m seeking something more towards the spooky and gothic than, say, a Giallo slasher. Lisa And The Devil, is one I like for example.

Would greatly appreciate some recommendations!

Check out Mario Bava’s film Kill Baby Kill, it’s a masterpiece!

Black Sunday (M Bava, 1960)
Black Sabbath (M Bava, 1963)
Demons (L Bava, 1985)
Demons 2 (L Bava, 1986)
Suspiria (Argento, 1977)
Inferno (Argento, 1980)

All a lot of fun in different ways. :+1:

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I haven’t seen it, but the 1985 film Phenomena is an Italian film that seems to have some gothic elements and is available to stream on TubiTV, in America at least. Fun fact, it was also the inspiration behind the Clocktower game series.

Baron blood
7 deaths in cats eye
city of the living dead
nightmare castle
devils nightmare(french/italian co-production)
All are available as BR

I would second @ElDavido and recommend Bava’s Kill Baby Kill! as a personal favourite.

But also any of the Italian gothics featuring Barbara Steele:

Black Sunday (Bava, 1960)
The Horrible Dr Hichcock (Freda, 1962)
Castle of Blood (Margheriti, 1964)
The Long Hair of Death (Margheriti, 1965)
Nightmare Castle (Caiano, 1965)
An Angel for Satan (Mastrocinque, 1966)

All worth a look in my opinion.

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Bad movie. Not even horror, sort of hybrid of comedy and satire. Steele is gorgeous but still not sure if film is worth seeing because of her.

Blood and Black Lace is a good Bava. Great use of colours.

This is a trailer for what is actually the most frightening Italian Horror film:

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Burial ground aka Notte di terrore from Andrea Bianchi is higly recommended.

Think we’re talking about different films. The one I’ve seen is definitely no comedy. Strictly a gothic ghost story.

Can be… one I mean is about man staying night in castle and there was bet does he make it to morning. Dull and remarkably unfrightening.

That’s the one alright.
Dull maybe, depending on your point of view. It is certainly slow moving in the first half for sure.
Unfrightening also possibly. I think gothic horrors are often more about the atmosphere than the frights. But still, no comedic elements at all unless you find old fashioned gothic horrors silly in which case they certainly could make you laugh I guess.

Thanks for the recommendations! Castle Of Blood is actually a movie I’ve read about years ago as Danse Macabre and have always wanted to see. I found it on YouTube and just watched it. It was a decent movie, perhaps a slight letdown! I thought it wound up being a bit conventional and less creepy than it might have been.

I’d actually forgotten about Kill Baby Kill. I got it in the Bava DVD set years ago and really enjoyed it. I will re-watch that next.

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And kill Baby Kill is really a srtrong horror movie, better than the others by Bava I have watched ,and one which has a real frightening atmosphere, something only few horror films manage to create.

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