Rebels of Arizona / Los rebeldes de Arizona / Adios Cjamango (José María Zabalza, 1970)

Watched this very rare one yesterday.

Ok film, nothing special but nothing awful either.

The highlight of the film is of course Claudia Gravy though, even if you don’t like the film, she at least looks really hot in it!

This film merits deep study: the maybe partially re-edited 90-minute “italianized” version is renamed Adios Cjamango, the opening credits are reinvented in SW-style and in the course of the movie Ana Satrova score is replaced with typical SW themes (among them Alessandroni’s music from El Puro).

William Berger had nothing to do with Zabalza film, but is incomprehensibly - and incredibly - credited in the Italian version (in which practically all the actors are under a pseudonym): his name appears in plain view on the original posters too!

In addition, a mysterious co-production is declared…

The question is: was this operation originally conducted without the director’s knowledge or he was partecipating in the whole thing?

It must be said that despite these alterations the film, which anyway inspires a certain sympathy, remains substantially far from authentic SW atmosphere and merely tells - in a rather light tone and without a real theme - the adventures of a couple of newlyweds.
Scenes such as the animated arrival of the friends for the wedding party or the continuation of the ball with the burning ranch in the background are totally crazy!
My rating: 1,5 out of 5,_Los

-It’s been a while since I saw a new sw, too bad I’m now scraping the bottom of the barrel with the most crappiest entries in the genre left. Adios Cjamango is a weird film which doesn’t really have a plot. First it seems like a traditional plot as greedy banker wants to buy Cjamango’s wife’s ranch where railroad is supposed to be built. But after the villains burn down their house (while people keep happily dancing to a music by invisible band) they just start to wander around and we are never returned to the original plot. There’s lots of laughable scenes like indian village with just one tent or one where Cjamango and his wife has just escaped from lynching, riding away with cart. Then they start to wonder where they could get new horses standing right next to the cart with two horses. Badly directed and edited film, beautiful Claudia Gravy is the only reason to watch this through.
William Berger’s name appears in the credits but I don’t think he was in it.

The version i saw was good looking dvd-rip with fan made subtitles.

My rating: 2/10

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Just viewed this one via the fansubbed Italian dvd. Like Bill mentions above at the start of the film it starts in a conventional way. Then I found its robbery after another, which then gives the story a new slant, but not not for long as then there is another robbery. Their is no discrimination though as even the robbers get robbed :grinning:.
Recycled music for the most part, with the most memorable being the main title track from El Puro.