Rebels in Canada / Rebeldes en Canadá / I tre del Colorado (Amando de Ossorio, 1965)

(scherpschutter) #1

Didn’t see any thread for this early outing so created one

Not the greatest of eurowesterns, but some good fur hats and some weird coiffures make this not a complete bore either



Yes the hats are nice :slight_smile: , and thats about it really.

(Stanton) #3

Are the scenes with the cavalry lavishly looking?

(scherpschutter) #4

They look alright, but the director threatens to run out of extras.
Lots of bad horse tripping, will no doubt lead to cuts in some countries

It’s an okay look, film is not that bad, but if you can’t find a copy, don’t feel depressed, you didn’t miss anything substanstial

(Stanton) #5

There were 2 or 3 Spanish westerns set in Canada, which had surprisingly lavishly battle scenes. On a much bigger scale than in SWs usual.

(scherpschutter) #6

Might give you an idea: