Raymond Pellegrin in Sad Hill

Raymond Pellegrin (Raymond Louis Pilade Pellegrin) (1 January 1925 – 14 October 2007) was a French actor.

Born in Nice, France, Pellegrin made his screen debut in the 1945 French feature Naïs.

He was also famous in France for dubbing Jean Marais for the voice of Fantômas in the film trilogy Fantômas.

He married actress Dora Doll on 12 July 1949; the couple had a daughter named Danielle, and divorced in 1955. He married actress Gisèle Pascal on 8 October 1955; on 12 September 1962, the couple had a daughter, Pascale Pellegrin, now also an actress.

In his films, he is sometimes credited as “Raymond Pellegrini.” He died in Garons today.

Raymond Pellegrin played Sheriff Bill Ransom in the 1968 western “Quanto costa morire” (A Taste of Death) and Morley in 1983’s “Louisiana”