Ravenous (1999)

I feel this is a very underapreciated film. It mixes genres really well, genres which normally don’t mix well. Has great dialogue, and really good acting.

Guy Pierce does a really good job, for the little he has to say, and Robert Carlyle steals the show.

It’s an interesting film which works as a thriller, a Western and a comedy. I can’t think of many films like it at all.

Yeah i liked that movie too!
Only thing that bothered me was the music which seemed out of place in some scenes

i saw it about 7-8 years ago and thought it was quite entertaining :slight_smile:

Freaky movie

I liked it alot, it has very peculiar dialogue about humam existence and so on… recalls me alot european westerns look, scarf wearing and location!

I seen this when it first came out didnt care much for it,but i have been wanting to watch it again and see if my opinion has changed.just joined netflix have to put it in my que

I’venever heard of this one until a few hours ago when I read this thread. I am a big guy Pearce fan and I really enjoy genre mixers. I’ll have to check this one out.

[quote=“jonah hex, post:6, topic:584”]I seen this when it first came out didnt care much for it[/quote] i agree, thought it could have been a lot better. average

Great movie. I disagree & feel the soundtrack, produced by Damon Albarn of Blur along with Michael Nyman is stellar.