Rattler Kid / Un hombre vino a matar / L’uomo venuto per uccidere (León Klimovsky, 1967)

Finally managed to find a spaghetti western with Brad Harris in it via an inexpensive obviously VHS sourced DVD by Wham USA of Leon Klimovsky’s RATTLER KID with William Wyler as a former cavalry officer framed for robbery & murder. Brad Harris gets to play the town sheriff and while he doesn’t necessarily team up with Wyler to help clear his name he does sort of stay out of his way. I’ve been looking for one of Harris’ “Durango” westerns for years and this is as close as I’ve gotten. The DVD is particularly crummy so it’s kind of hard to judge the film, and at 82 minutes it feels sort of unfinished with an ambiguous ending that doesn’t resolve the principal conflict. Guglielmo Spoletini (William Bogard) steals the show as Wyler’s crooked cousin, and it’s got Femi Benussi in it too so who can complain.

Igot to hand it to you. You certainly know how to sella post. Keep it up.

I have been thinking about cheking this one out. Is it good?

Well, I didn’t like it:

But maybe you will.

Routine stuff with Wyler looking as he is going to cry at times. Bad Lieutenant’s review is spot on.

didn’t care for this one at all… prettty boring. there is a pretty good German print of this, but not really worth the effort to make a new English version IMO

yea, Bad Lieutenant has said all that needs to be said about Rattler Kid…

Watched a fandub of the German disc.

ah, didn’t know one already existed out there… good, now i have an excuse not to do one :wink:

Thought I had better let you know just in case :wink: .

Rattler Kid is rather Rattler shit. Completely dull with dull minister Wyler in the lead and a completely uninspired story. On top of that we have a boring US western look.

No Sir, I don’t like it.

disappointing since it played a big role in that documentary…

Really? Which one?

L’America a Roma … begins with William Bogart watching a tape of Rattler Kid with his family and friends… i guess the film didn’t necessarily have a big role, but it imprinted me with the idea it was going to be a good spaghetti

I don’t know this documentary. Too bad it caused such a disappointment!

its still a pretty good doc about spaghettis, you should check it out

He he, good one. I will use it for the database. Perfect short comment.

Wondered which western this was.

Well, I’m a poet in disguise…

As said above, not a great one this.
However, I didn’t hate it as much as some seem to. It was poorly executed for the most part but it kept me awake which is an achievement in itself these days.
Watched the fandub from the German DVD with the deleted cactus fighting scene added on. This scene is probably the best in the film so why it was ever cut out is beyond me. It’s not even particularly brutal. Especially for a Spaghetti circa 1967.

Looking forward to watching that fandub. All I’ve ever seen is the Unicorn tape, does anyone know if that was uncut?