Raro Belle Starr story blu ray

plays on my region two blu ray player…great picture quality,HD 99mins.
SD 100 mins.


Oh cool, I’ve been wanting to know this information, thanks for posting. And its true about the language options? English only on SD version?

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Yes, English audio on the SD.

And English subtitles for HD with Italian audio only?

Yes,English subs for the Italian audio on the HD version.
Complete English audio for the SD version.

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Thanks for the helpful info. :+1:

@Admin something to add to the database :wink:

Was already in there, but I made it a bit more precise

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Yeah, the region wasn’t though.

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I am travelling sorry for the delay. Had the region info already from the br.com forum

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Anywhere nice?

I am in Rome (but for work). I did squeeze in a conversation with the subject of an upcoming interview which will be the Swdb letterboxed Page exclusive ;))