Rare Spaghetti LP

When I was on Summer Holidays I went to a town called Göteborg to buy a couple of films. I also got into a store for used LP’s. There I found a rare, Japanese Spaghetti Western double LP, propably from the 70’s. The tracks are:

LP 1, Side 1

  1. Titoli (2:53)
  2. Per Un Pungo Di Dollari (1:45)
  3. Django (2:38)
  4. Per Il Gusto Di Ucciderc (2:21)
  5. Adios Gringo (2:52)
  6. Massacre Time (2:44)

LP 1, Side 2

  1. Per Qualche Dollaro In Piú (2:48)
  2. One Silver Dollar (2:01)
  3. Il Ritorno Di Ringo (2:15)
  4. The Hills Run Red (1:53)
  5. Johnny Yuma (2:46)
  6. All 'Ombra Di Una Colt (2:33)

LP 2, Side 1

  1. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (2:44)
  2. Hang 'Em High (2:10)
  3. I Giorni Dell’ira (2:49)
  4. Sul Fiume (4:25)
  5. Ringo Came to Fight (1:56)
  6. Ballata Per Il Pistolero (2:27)

LP 2, Side 2

  1. Arizona Colt (2:42)
  2. There Will Come a Morning (2:20)
  3. Seven Dollars to Kill (2:17)
  4. The Big Gun Down (1:54)
  5. Sugar Colt (2:10)
  6. Days of Vengeance (2:50)

Excellent selection of tracks!

I remember seeing this LP in the 80s, in the old 58 Dean Street Records store in London. It subsequently metamophosed into the Spaghetti Western Encyclopaedia CDs (vol 1-4) from King Records, Japan, which no fan should be without.

Excellent set.

Shamefully missing from my collection… I seem remember hearing though that it has been re-released lately. Is this true? If so does anyone know where it can be purchased?

I did see that there was a newer version of it in the store but I don’t know to get it :frowning: (unless you go to that store).

It should be released as a 4 disc boxset as far as I know. Was that the release you saw? The strange thing is that it isn’t mentioned in the www.soundtrackcollector.com database which is usually very up to date and I can’t find it for sale anywhere even at Japanese online retailers.

Soundtrackcollector.com is generaly up-to-date but sometimes the process of adding new title takes forever. I submitted for R.Pregadio’s ‘La settima donna’ ages ago but no luck.

The soundtrack cd from the Sazuma-release I presume? Nice hearing Ray Lovelock’s crisp voice :slight_smile: Thanks for the info. Just find it strange that I can’t find the damned release anywhere.

Yes, of course. His voice is on the track ‘Place for the landing’. I got disc directly form sazuma.com. Unfortunately, they closed the shop.
‘La settima donna’ can be found at www.beatrecords.it for EUR 16.00.