Rare posters

From Japan










Belgium (in french&flemish)

Those are very cool,particularly the japan posters.where did you find them? some time the posters are much better than the movies. has anyone ever bought a movie on the strength of the cover alone? i’ve got movies in my collection that i hate but i keep just because the cover is so cool :o

Great, great posters !!! Are those uploaded ? We need 'em for the database picture category !!! It would be great to include 'em !!!


Some swedish posters.

Trinity & Sartana… Those Dirty S.O.B´s

Trinity 2

Five Man Army

Once Upon A Time…

Who Killed Johnny Ringo ?

More, more, MORE !!!

3 Bullets For Ringo

Run Man Run

Django Shoots First


Red Blood, Yellow Gold (aka Professionals For A Massacre)

Navajo Joe

2 danish posters…

Light The Fuse, Sartana´s Coming.

Don´t Wait Django, Shoot !

Gunfight at Red Sands (Belgium)

Once Upon a Time in the West (Czechia)

A Bullet for the General (Poland)

The Return of Ringo (Argentina)

$100.000 for Ringo (Japan)

Yeah japanese graphism is pretty cool,maybe the best ones,i realy enjoy Thai posters too

I dont have (unfortunatly) the real posters but its the product of years of internet image quest.Mostly i got them on SW websites and some are scans from my books.But just keep it on my hard drive is a pity so i decided to share them in the forum for the community.I will post french posters pics soon,i got many many italian posters pics but they are more known.

More swedes… ;D

Cry Onion

Return Of Sabata

Hallelujah And Sartana Strike Again

Fat Brothers Of Trinity

Boot Hill

Even more…

Between God, The Devil And A Winchester

Reverend Colt

Adios Gringo

The Ruthless Four

The Greatest Robbery In The West

And some more… 8)

Man Who Killed Billy The Kid

$5000 On An Ace

Thompson 1880

One Silver Dollar

French posters

All’ombra di una colt

Venne il tempo di uccidere

I senza Dio

Arriva Durango paga uo muori

I gringos non perdonano

Today its me… tomorrow its you

L’ira di Dio

20 000 dollari sporchi di sangue

It cant be done amigos


More to come soon