Ramon's Glove - leather in Leone

(Toscano) #1

Ramon’s glove

Perhaps this has already been covered…?

I sat down - a week ago - and watched ‘FISTFUL OF DOLLARS’, on Bluray…I’ve been watching this ‘gem’ for many years.

Towards the end of the film, I noticed that ‘Ramon’ is wearing what looks like a 'leather gauntlet (over his right hand).

The ‘Ramon glove’ reminded me of the Clint Eastwood, il ‘Manco/ Monco; leather strap, that ‘il straniero’ wears in ’ FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE’.

Any thoughts?

(Toscano) #2


I could be wrong…but I have a vague memory that the Great ‘Eli Wallach’ also wore a leather ‘wrist-band’…in the scene where he is taunting ‘Blondie’, in the desert…

(SourNote2014) #4

Yeah, some kind of fingerless leather glove or wristband over his left hand. Right from the beginning of the film to the fingerless gloves that I guess were found in the runaway carriage.