Ramon's Glove - leather in Leone

Ramon’s glove

Perhaps this has already been covered…?

I sat down - a week ago - and watched ‘FISTFUL OF DOLLARS’, on Bluray…I’ve been watching this ‘gem’ for many years.

Towards the end of the film, I noticed that ‘Ramon’ is wearing what looks like a 'leather gauntlet (over his right hand).

The ‘Ramon glove’ reminded me of the Clint Eastwood, il ‘Manco/ Monco; leather strap, that ‘il straniero’ wears in ’ FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE’.

Any thoughts?


I could be wrong…but I have a vague memory that the Great ‘Eli Wallach’ also wore a leather ‘wrist-band’…in the scene where he is taunting ‘Blondie’, in the desert…

Yeah, some kind of fingerless leather glove or wristband over his left hand. Right from the beginning of the film to the fingerless gloves that I guess were found in the runaway carriage.