Ramon The Mexican - realases

There does not seem to be a good one. I keep telling ya mine isn’t great!

Plus it has a very irritating ufo sound all the time, sometimes you even here people talking behind the dubbing!

Better’n nothing

Had to stop watching my copy as the irritating background noise annoyed me to much.

I know there is not a good version of this available (especially in English)—and they all come from the same exact source.
The problem I have with my copy is that whoever was responsible for transferring the original PAL source to an NTSC disc did not do it properly and…once again…my disc plays back in such a choppy, slow-motion, ghosting fashion that I simply cannot watch it without it making me physically ill.
The sound, bad as it is, is no problem for me. The washed out image is no problem for me. But, trying to watch such a jerking, choppy image is a HUGE problem for me.
If I could just get someone to do me up a proper PAL dvd-r of this, I would be happy!
I don’t need it converted to NTSC (which is something I just could not get my South African friend to understand when he duped this for me in the first place).

I wanted to add that I think the original source of this was a film print, rented from Surf Films (who apparently own some distribution rights for this title). And that print is being projected onto a wall, or something, then video-taped as it plays back. Hence the constant whine, or droning, noise in the background…and the people’s voices behind the dubbing.

I hope someone picks this up for a proper release one of these days.

there is another version of this in english /widescreen with Hebrew subs, nice colour far superior to the surf copy! ill post a grab at the weekend


Great!! Please do post that grab! Looking forward to it. And also, if you could reveal the source that would be outstanding!

Hi heres the screengrabs , it originates from Israel from someones 8mm/16mm collection?? it has both french and hebrew subs def not a vhs release





Very nice!

Looks very good, indeed.
Definitely an improvement.
But, when I was asking about the source, I was really asking: where can I get a copy of this?

I found a torrent on cinemageddon, but this release seems to have better video quality (and a slightly better AR, the torrent is fullscreen, this seems close to 1,66:1)
The source (not the Chrissource though) seems a VHS, or maybe a TV-showing (but Hebrew + French subs?)

im happy to trade it, send me a pm does anyone have this:
dead man with english subs

@ Briefcasemong

What is the running time of the version you posted screenshots to please ?

I have PM’d Briefcasemong twice regarding this film and have, so far, received no response. :frowning:
Hopefully, he will check back in, soon.

I have a copy of the version Briefcasemong posted screenshots of but the running time is only around 72 mins which is considerably shorter than the fullscreen Surf copy.