Ramon the Mexican / Ramon il Messicano (Maurizio Pradeaux, 1966)

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Thank you @Tom_B and @scherpschutter . I too see the similarities, but with 2 first names and no definitive pics so far we’ll see what @JonathanCorbett comes up with. If nothing concrete we’ll put Rubien in the uncredited section and no role for Ranieri.

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Last night checking out in random manner the 1st segment - also with Angelo Infanti, Giovanni Petrucci and Franco Valobra (Night of the Serpent) - I noticed this face: maybe the bearded guy with Aldo Berti and Claudio Biava?

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Interesting, the bearded guy is blond and of course bearded :slight_smile:

For clarification, the segments don’t have individual credits so Honil Ranieri could possibly be in any one of the 4?

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Nothing to report in the fourth segment.

In the meantime, I just found out that the actor in Pollanetsquad pic is with absolute certainty Luigi Barbini!

They have, but Barbini and Ranieri are only credited at the end.of the movie together with Petrucci, Valobra, Scratuglia, Mirko Valentin and two actors I don’t know (Antonio Galante and Egidio Casolari).

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Here’s the blond guy, it’s hard to get him without the cigar :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing a match for your guy in Sicario, which could mean 2 different people, or not :slight_smile:

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The same is true for the third segment with Tony Anthony and Lars Bloch.

Ater noticing this I think the former is the case