R.I.P. Legends Lost but Remembered

(Asa) #1301

Alexis Arquette, the transgender character actress and sibling of actors David, Rosanna, Richmond and Patricia Arquette, died early on Sunday morning in Los Angeles. She was 47 and surrounded by family who serenaded her with David Bowie’s Starman, her siblings said in a statement.

Best known to me in her small but memorable pre-transition role as “Fourth Man” in the Quentin Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction (1994), she also appeared in Bride of Chucky (Yu, 1998) among many other pictures.


(JonathanCorbett) #1302

Thanks Giuliano, RIP

(ENNIOO) #1303

R.I.P Giuliano Carnimeo …enjoy the westerns !

(Tom B.) #1304

RIP Tonino Valerii

Italian director, assistant director, writer and actor Tonino Valerii died in Abruzzo, Italy on October 13th. He was 82. Born Antonio Valerii on May 20, 1934 in Montorio al Vomano, Teramo, Italy, he started his film career as an assistant director on Sergio Leone’s “A Fistful of Dollars” (1965), before moving on to direct by himself. Among his best-known films are “Day of Anger” (1968) “The Price of Power” (1969), “A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die” (1972) and “My Name Is Nobody” (1973).

(Phil H) #1305

That is sad news. Valerii made some great films of which Day of Anger remains a firm favourite of mine. Might watch Price of Power in his honour this weekend though. Another good one from the man.

(Bill san Antonio) #1306

Very sad…

(Søren) #1307

82 years is an respectable age so as long as it was a smooth passing… My Name is Nobody is my favourite of his and I don’t think I’ve seen that in HD yet, so might take it for a spin.


Sad news indeed,…R.I.P. Tonino.

Think i’ll watch ‘Day of Anger, The Price of Power and Taste of Killing’ this weekend. The other two spagh’s i really don’t care much for it.

(JonathanCorbett) #1309

R.I.P. Tonino.

(Nick) #1310

2016 has not been a good year so far. It’s horrible to see that not only two of the giants in this genre have passed, but a vast number of other wonderful artists have also passed.

So… when’s that meteor supposed to hit?

(Farmer_J) #1311

RIP Tonino. A master of the westerns, as well as eurocrime. Vai Gorilla is a great thriller.

(ENNIOO) #1312

Yep R.I.P…Day of Anger is probably my favourite western of his.

(Martin) #1313

Very sad – Roberto Curti in the preface to his Valerii monograph: “Unfortunately Tonino’s health got worse and worse in the last couple of years. I sincerely hope that when this book is out he is still with us and appreciates the result. I hope his pale blue eyes shine when he sees it […]” (p. 6).

(Martin) #1314

Leonard Cohen died last Monday, November 7. He was eighty-two years old.

(Toscano) #1315

Thank you!!!

A song that probably touches many other hearts in different ways.
It touched my heart…

(Søren) #1316

Yep. Just put on the only Cohen-album I own, the excellent I’m Your Man … Must have heard that one a billion times by now. RIP.

(Asa) #1317

Won’t pretend to be a fan in a wider sense but hearing of Mr. Cohen’s passing made me think immediately of Waiting For the Miracle as is always the case when I think of Leonard Cohen, which in turn has made me want to watch Natural Born Killers (Stone, 1994) as is always the case when I think of Waiting For the Miracle.


(Toscano) #1318

Totally diff. subject., ‘Last Caress, …but hope your’e feeling better since your ’ Man Fllu’?

(Asa) #1319

Feeling a lot better Toscano, cheers.

(Toscano) #1320

So good to hear thta youthat touthtat youogtoo llast A