R.I.P. Legends Lost but Remembered

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Its also a shame not many of his good guy roles have not a dvd or blu release yet.

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RIP Götz George

One of Germany’s biggest action stars Götz George died unexpectedly on June 19th. He was 77. Götz has already been buried in Hamburg according to his agent. The place and cause of death has not been divulged. Born in Berlin on July 23, 1938, George was best known for his 32 appearances as Kommissar Horst Schimanski on the German TV series Tatort. He was the son of the famous actor Heinrich George and his wife, the actress Berta Drews and the brother of actor Jan George. He appeared in over 130 films since 1953 among which were six Euro-westerns: The Treasure of Silver Lake – 1962 (Fred Engel), Frontier Hellcat - 1964 (Martin Baumann Jr.), The Man Called Gringo – 1965 (Sheriff Mace Carson),The Half-Breed - 1966 (Jeff Brown), Auf den Spuren Winnetous – 2004 [himself] and the upcoming TV Winnetou Trilogy 2016.

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For Germans and people like me, born not too far away from the German border and grown up with German television, he will forever be Horst Schimanski from Tatort (Tatort means Scene of the Crime). As a fan of the Winnetou stories, I also remember him very well from the Karl May adaptations. I’d also like to mention the Italian-German war movie Commandos (also starring Lee van Cleef), in which George played a loyal Nazi.

R.I.P. Götz, R.I.P. Herr Kommissar

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We are shocked and in tears over the passing of Carlo Pedersoli aka Bud Spencer who died at the age of 87

Carlo Pedersoli. 1929 - 2016

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One of the greatest indeed. Well it will be a Bud Spencer-movie next for me then. RIP.

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In tears hearing this. Another legend gone. RIP Amigo.

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Although I always look at the Trinity Films as the cause for the ending of the Spaghetti Western genre I still enjoyed the pairing of Spencer and Hill. Bud was the Giant with a Heart of Gold. He was the straight mad to Hill’s antics and could be count on to save the day when Trinity got in over his head. A Renaissance Man Carlo was a world class swimmer and participated in two Summer Olympic games after setting several Italian swimming records. He’d be the first to admit he wasn’t anything close to a Shakespearean actor but he made his presence known in film and was a delight to watch either alone or with Terence Hill. He deserves being in the Spaghetti Western Hall of Fame and will be missed. Thanks for all the fun and adventure big guy. RIP.

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I am truly saddened by this. To many of my generation, he was the best TV nanny ever, we all grew up with him and Hill beating up goons on afternoon television. Only when I entered college, I started discovering the more serious films he was in, including the Collizi Trilogy which of course was the beginning of the duo’s ascent. He was quite a character and gave so much to the world. And the world took, yet it was him, who according to the news, uttered these last words: Grazie. No, Buddy, we say thank you. You will always be missed

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The end of an era, it’s sad when someone that grows up with you dies.

I can’t remember much from when I was a small kid, but I do remember my first Bud Spencer movie.

Grazie di tutto

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R.I.P. Bud Spencer. :frowning: So sad to hear about him passing.

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I put this text up on Facebook, reactions coming in from all corners of the world:

R.I.P. BUD SPENCER (1929-2016) [Italiano/English]

Bud Spencer, attore italiano il cui vero nome era Carlo Pedersoli, è morto lunedi a l’età di 86 anni. Spencer era famoso nel mondo intero per una serie di western comici (fagioli western) assieme a Terence Hill (vero Nome Mario Girotto) girati negli anni Sessanta e Settanta: Lo chiamavano Trinità (1970) e Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità (1971). Spencer era “Bambino”, il fratello piccolo grande di Trinità, la mano destra del Diavolo (dunque Bambino era "la mano sinistra del Diavolo“).

Carlo era anche famoso in Italia come nuotatore: è stato più volte campione italiano di nuoto a stile libero e ha anche gareggiati per i colori italiani ai Giochi Olimpici di Helsinki (1952) e Melbourne (1952).

R.I.P. Carlo, Bud, Bambino


Bud Spencer, the italian actor whose real name was Carlo Pedersoli, died earlier today in a hospital in Rome at the age of 86. Spencer became world famous in the late Sixties, early Seventies thanks to a series of comical spaghetti westerns in which he appeared alongside Terence Hill (real name Mario Girotti): They Call Me Trinity (1970) and the sequel Trinity is still My Name (1971). Spencer was “Bambino” in these movies, the little big brother of Trinity, “the right Hand of the Devil” (so Bambino became “the Left Hand of the Devil”)

In his home country Carlo was also famous as a former swimming champion: he was several times Italian champion free style and represented his country at the Olympic Games of 1952 (Helsinki) and 1956 (Melbourne)

R.I.P. Carlo, Bud, Bambino

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Bud Spencer one of my childhood heroes.

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A constant on-screen companion of my child- and adulthood passed away. The hellhound is on his way to heaven! You will be missed. Rest in peace, Carlo!

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Very sad to hear of this today.
An unforgettable character.

R.I.P Bambino

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Always a joy to watch the ‘Gentle Giant’ in any film…truly shocking news to begin the day…

R.I.P. Bud (Carlo).

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A big youth hero passes away. He will indeed be missed.

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Bernie Worrell a.k.a The Wizard of Woo. The great keyboardist with Parliament Funkadelic , he was featured in the Talking heads Stop making sense and as of late had been working with Bill Laswell in Method of Defiance. He passed 6/24/16 of lung cancer

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Long live Esteban Rojo , Fistfull of Dollars is the only film I’ve ever seen him in , his first seen is classic as he is introducing himself walking through the door. Sad Indeed

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I loved him in Once upon a time in the west , on the dvd release there is some interviews with him and Claudia Cardinale that are worth watching

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RIP Robin Hardy, director of The Wicker Man (1973). He was 86.