R.I.P. Claude Chabrol

French master director Claude Chabrol has died at the age of 80

He was a member of the Nouvelle Vague movement, but is best known for his psychological thrillers

His best work dates - imo - from the late sixties, early seventies (La Femme Infidèle, Que la Bête meure, Les Noces Rouges), but most of his work is worth watching, and his 1995 adaptation of Ruth Rendell’s A judgement in Stone, La Céremonie, is top notch, one of the best thrillers in recent memory.

Too bad, I liked most of his recent films. Especially La Fille coupée en deux was very, very good.

He made more than 50 feature films, most of them entertaining, some sloppy, and some excellent.


From all the drectors of the so called “nouvelle Vague” Chabrol was indeed the most cinematographic if I may put it that way, and maybe the one that wasn’t afraid of put and show his influences (American noirs, Hitchcock) in his films.

I’ve seen so many films from him that I really have not a favourite, maybe Le Boucher, but he had great films like Que la bête meure, La ligne de démarcation, Alice ou la dernière fugue (with Sylvia kristel), Violette Nozière, etc must watch his most recent films (Bellamy, The girl cut in two).

Sad year first Rohmer now Chabrol

RIP indeed. As El Topo said, Rohmer now Chabrol. It’s very sad when another great director dies.

R.I.P. mister Chabrol.


Rohmer, Giering, Schlingensief, Chabrol. Surely one sad year of great onscreen and behindscreen legends dying. :frowning:

Blast, Schlingensief died din’t know that (I was still a young person) I remember seeing Blackest Heart, a very diferent film but a good one with some great black humour, I know there’s one film from him with Kitten Natividad