Quick and the undead

“The Quick and the Undead” — It had to happen, and director Gerald Knott deserves some recognition for being the first filmmaker to combine a zombie flick with the “spaghetti western” genre. A mysterious virus turns 75 percent of the population into the walking dead circa the old west, which creates a new class of bounty hunter anxious to get paid for killing the fiends all over again. Fast moving and gory enough for fans of both film styles.

  • Tom Doty/Floyd County Times

I noticed this review a few days ago while glancing through our Friday’s paper here at the office. This is the first i have heard of this zombie/western. Sounds neat.

Anyone rent/purchase this film yet?

It didn’t look much like a western to me, to be honest. It’s merely a standard zombie flick about a bounty hunter. It’s also set in modern times, so I wouldn’t call it a western. It does try to get the western atmosphere across, but it doesn’t really succeed in doing that. There are worse zombie movies out there, but also a whole lot of better ones. I wouldn’t spend any money on it(which I didn’t).