Does anybody know why Dario Argento didn’t have a go at directing a Spaghetti western himself? i know he wrote or co wrote a few, what is it just that the giallo took over? also was going through some old British Film mags called " Flesh And Blood" where i found an article on Enzo G Casterelli where it says that on his film " Seven Winchesters For A Massacre" The part of the agent eventually played by Ed Byrnes was sought ater and accepted by Casterelli by Robert Redford! but this was overruled by the film’s producers as he was an " Unknown". Never seen the film but that could have been interesting and led to other roles in SW’s for Mr Redford. missed opportunity or thank god for that?

Could be simply that by the time Argento had established himself as a director the western cycle had pretty much run its course.

As for Redford, I like him as an actor and he was always good in the westerns he made I believe. But I’m not sure he would have fitted in a Spaghetti surroundings. Having said that, if Edd Byrnes could manage it, Redford certainly could.

I’ve heard the Robert Redford story too, actually I wrote about it in my review:

I think Castellari talks about it in one of the interviews added to the DVD releases of his movies too

sorry scherp. i’ve read quite a few of your reviews and they are good, but haven’t read this one as haven’t yet seen the film, if i had would have seen that bit about Redford and not mentioned it. seeing it in that interview was a surprise for me as i hadn’t heard that one. :slight_smile: