Question about several DSX Films releases

I recently saw that DSX films has quite a large catalogue of superb SW titles and their prices are dirt cheap. So i decided to pick up a few of their titles but i still have a few questions regarding some of their release.s Maybe you guys could help me out?

I saw they released “Arriva Sabata!”. The previous german X-rated DVD was framed wrong at 1:85. Does the DSX release show the movie in it’s proper 2:35 aspect ratio?

I’ve also been struggling to find out which movie “Los Cuatro de Fuerte Apache” is. Looks interesting but could anyone tell me the English or German title of this movie. And last but not least i was wondering if their release of “The Grand Duel” is the fully uncut version (100 min.) or the cut (89 min.)version?

And i was thinking about possibly upgrading the following release. But are the DSX releases an improvement or do they use the same materials?

Forgotten Pistoleros - I have the German Marketing DVD but i heard the DSX release uses a better print?

Ben & Charlie - Don’t own this yet but for 6 euro its worth a gamble. Or is there better (anamorphic) english or german friendly release available at the moment?

California - I have the german NEW DVD release but it looks like utter crap. Anyone know if the DSX film release looks any better?

Cjamango - Have the Koch Media release but this disc looks just awful. Any chance that the DSX release looks better?

This is a 70’s Spaghetti called " Those Dirty Dogs " or German title " Vier Teufelskerle - Tot oder lebendig! ".

Have a look here:…_la_taglia_cresce

Ah, excellent muchos gracias, Ennioo! :wink: I believe i still have an unwatched DVD-R of the old japanese SPO release which is long OOP. I was still looking for an affordable alternative release, guess this is it then.

where are you buying your dsx films from?..i try to go to there site and its always down

I have tried emailing them about their DVDs but I get no response.

Hm, weird their site seems to be down at the moment. I visited their site just last friday to check up on some titles. Let´s hope it´s back up soon… Still got some stuff i want to order from them.

They had the same problem a month ago so that I suppose this is not serious. My problem is that they only accept payment by PayPal and this service is not available in my country :-[ . But as said M®s Marcela Pola, executive director of DSX Films SA: “Ok Vaso…Don´t Worry!!! We will wait for you…there is no need to hurry!!! We will be always here, by when we need us…” :slight_smile:

Put in an order over a week ago and shows it is still “processing”. I didn’t order much since I wanted to see how it goes.

Are the transfers on these discs rips from other companies?

DSX onlineshop down until 15 august (?)

Yup, apparently they have received so many orders that they temporarely shut the site down until they fulfilled all outstanding orders. Makes an pretty unprofessional impression if you ask me, but being a small label i can imagine that they press their DVD´s in pretty small numbers. But still…

Good to see they had been getting in the orders though.

Some of them are indeed taken from other foreign DVD releases and for some releases they made their own transfers. Ironically enough the ripped transfers (“Django The Bastard”, “A Reason to Live & Reason To Die” for example) look great while their own transfers are pretty subpar. The fact that most of their releases aren´t even anamorphic is unforgiveable in this day and age IMO. But as a fan you take whatever you can get right? :wink: But make no mistake Koch Media this ain´t!

Do you think that they used transfer from French DVD of ‘Django il bastrado’?
This is not possible, I am afraid. They released own DVD on 18th of November 2009 and French disc surfaced on 13th of April 2010.

I’m pretty sure they use same transfer as the french release, although i’m not a 100% sure of course. It’s quite possible that the rights owner himself recently made a new transfer which he supplies to the companies that license this particular title.

I’ve read some reviews that they actually just rip other DVD releases. It’s also true that many are non-anamorphic. Problem is that some of their transfers have problems (some pixeling, don’t know how to explain them now, probably because of PAL->NTSC transfer). They have a second SW collection now. I bought about 10 of them but quited because of these problems. Too bad.