Question about Man with No Name Trilogy (Blu Ray region A)

Did anyone else notice that there is some pretty nifty looking artwork on the INSIDE of the slipcover on both sides?

Problem is you have to rip the thing apart in order to see it properly. I’m thinking of doing that and maybe gluing it back together.

What do you guys think?

So I’m the only one on this forum who owns this?

There is artwork that continues from what is shown on front, and you can even see what appears to be Clint and his donkey. There actually a flap on the inside that folds out, almost if it was meant to be seen, but of course you have the dislodge the entire bottom portion of the slipcase (carefully) to see it folded out. I think I can do this without making too much damage and perhaps glue it back to look good as new. Wondering if anybody else notices this and saw the same thing.

I’ve got separate editions from three countries!

Per un pugno di dollari - Italy RHV Blu-ray
Für ein paar Dollar mehr - Germany Universum Film Blu-ray
The Good the Bad and the Ugly Ultimate Edition - Japan MGM DVD

What is the best Blu-ray to buy for The Good the Bad and the Ugly? Is it a lot better than the DVD? Cheers.

Hong Kong

Mortimer, I looked for the pictures inside the outer cover when I got this set in the post the other day. It looks neat but I wouldn’t rip my case just to see it better. I know it’s been quite a while since you made this post but do you remember if you did take it apart and if so did you take pics?

So far the only film I’ve watched from this set is FOD and I thought the picture and sound quality were fantastic. Definitely a step above the DVDs. You do have the option to switch to the original mono English dub if you want. There’s also a couple new features that weren’t on the Sergio Leone Anthology DVD box set. Would’ve been niced if they included a DYS blu ray :P.

Hey Ghost, no I haven’t ripped it apart yet. I was thinking that it is possible to dislodge it and than glue it back together with no harm done, but I haven’t gotten around to it. The art looks kind of cool, I think there is a picture of Clint and his donkey somewhere in there if you look closely.