Question about Clint's Costume

Hi guys,

I’m looking for some help in putting together a Blonde costume for the graveyard scene from Good Bad Ugly. I’m making the costume for Cowboy Action Shooting.

I know it’s basically the same as what Clint wore in Fistfull of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More (except for guns and the wrist brace).

The problem is I can’t tell if his pants are black or just regular blue jeans that just photographed as black. Anyone know for sure?

Thanks for your help.


They look like regular dark blue pants, I don’t think they’re jeans but they aren’t black either.

Well Marco, isn’t that a hell of a reason to re-watch the flick?

So I kind of forgot about this until you guys revamped the site. Can’t believe it was way back in 2009…
Anyway, here are the results of my costume question, I did the costuming for both Blondie and Tuco!

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Look pretty good. Well done.

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Of course, almost seven years on, can you still fit into the outfit? I moved from “Clint Eastwood in Rawhide” to “Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now” in about seven months once I got past thirty-five. :smile:

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So jealous of the guy’s Tuco Ramirez one! It 's so much better than the one I put together! Where did he get all that stuff?

And what was that thing hanging around the bandido’s neck? That pendant thing? It bugs me!

Well 7 years ago I was 52 so the weight goes up and down, I guess I’m swinging around again… and yes I can still do him!

This is my impression of Confederate Captain Benjamin Tyreen from the Civil War movie “Major Dundee” for last month’s MATINEE DOUBLE FEATURE themed Cowboy shoot. (I’m the one on the right) :wink:

Thanks, I did the costume for Tuco too! The hat was straw color and I painted it white with Mexican Leather Eagle and Cactus added.

The clue to the pendant is in his name: Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Remirez, it’s a St. Benedict medal, it has a small leather pouch to protect the skin. I re-made the shirt and pants in my size later so I could do Tuco for another Cowboy shoot.

A St. Benedict medal. Thanks! I’ll use that to improve my own costume, which was based on the outfit from TBPJMR’s final scenes.

Where do I get such a pouch?

I just made it, thin leather so I hand sewed it, the medal can be put in the case but here it is worn outside the pouch. I found the medal on ebay, it was painted blue with just the image showing through in relief so I just soaked the thing in Strip-Ez and it came out looking like a solid gold coin. I made Bill Carson’s shell snuff box too! (It’s okay, my wife thinks I’m crazy too…)

If I had the time I’d learn to make it.
My costume is incomplete otherwise.


Hello, Marco! Can you tech me how to make that snuff box, please? I’m a fan of this movie and a nasal snuff taker too. Regards from Argentina

Hi, Sorry I haven’t checked in in awhile. My snuff box was a oyster shell coin pouch I found in a local antique shop (they may have used the same type in the movie). Then I just copied a screen shot of it open from the movie and enhanced it in photo shop. Then I printed “Bill Carson” to match the size and same red background, cut it out and glued it in.
This is an oyster shell coin box currently on sale on ebay:

I will try and find the artwork I did and post it. Marc

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Here is the screen shot of the snuffbox and the photo shopped “Bill Carson” I made different variations of colors to match the red in my coin pouch as each one is different and you may have to adjust it as the printers don’t always match the red when they print either.


Hey, Marc! I will try to do it. It will take me time to get one of those here. If I make it I will post a photo here. Thank you very much for your help!

If you are interesed in the Tuco costume, here are photos of what the hat started out like origianally! I stripped all the stuff off it, cut it down about 1.5 inches around the rim. Steamed and reshaped the top. Painted it white and added leather trim around the rim and I cut out and embossed the Mexican Eagle and acorn out of thin leather and glued it on.

Before%20After%20Top Hat%20combo%20Front

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This is from last year’s annual Washington State CASS Championship shoot where I did The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!


The pink parasol is a nice touch - great costumes and attention to detail :+1:

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