Question about a line /saying in a spaghetti western

(derek gamble) #1

hello folks - i watched loads of spaghetti westerns ) but i can not remember the name of the film with this > line / or saying in the film as far as i can remember i think ’ this is as close as i can remember > ( eh GRINGO I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY I SHOOT YOU FOR NOTHING ) can anyone help …

(carlos) #2

It sounds like something Fernando Sancho would say, possibly 7 dollari sul rosso?

(derek gamble) #3

cheers carlos the scene i think is some kinda Mexican bar like there’s a load of drunk mex bandits & maybe western gunslinger ? 1 of them turns round eh gringo i dont want your money i shoot you for nothing might be one of klaus kinski mob he wqas in some mad westerns i’ll take a look carlos mega thanks for your time …