Query - opening long camera shot - then opening credits


Help required due to a senior moment. I cannot remember the name of a spaghetti western. It opens with a fixed shot of a long dusty ridge. A rider in the leftish far distance approaches at walking pace. The camera shot does not move. The rider approaches more and more. The camera shot does not move. Eventually (after a minute ?) and suddenly, there is a rifle shot heard. The camera shot does not move. The rider slowly topples off his horse. The camera shot does not move. Then the film goes to the opening credits.

It is a very long opening shot. I thought it must be a Clint Eastwood. Not sure any more. Any suggestions ?
Thanks. Giles.

(Bill san Antonio) #2

This one?


Wow thank you very much for the quickness and the film. Yes, that’s the one. Strange how memory plays tricks. That camera shot is held for 3.40 minutes right through the credits. Great director. I am trying to show what an old-fashioned ‘long shot, long take’ is. Compared to the modern fashion of whizzing about the place every second. Many thanks. Giles

(Toscano) #4

This location was also used in ‘The Good, the Bad & The Ugly’; in the scene where ‘Blondie’ ‘rescues’ ‘Tuco’ from the noose for the second time, and they both ride off into the desert…