Quentin Tarantino and Spaghetti Westerns

(m_burlock) #1

Where would I post the question: “Beyond The Man With No Name Trilogy, the Ringo films, Death Rides A Horse, and Sergio Corbucci’s Spaghetti Westerns, what other Spaghetti Westerns does Quentin Tarantino love?”?

(Lode) #2

He loves every movie. He is a geek. :smiley:

(Bad Lieutenant) #3

… except Uwe Boll’s, haha.

(Silver Wolf) #4

Tarantino loves just about every cult movie most cult film freaks haven’t seen. That’s why all his “favorite cult films” lists are different - once some movie becomes “too popular” he just doesn’t bother to talk about it anymore, he wants to be ahead of everyone else. Good director but quite annoying and egoist as a person.

(m_burlock) #5

ok, what films has he mentioned in the past then?

(Chris_Casey) #6

Apart from the ones you already mentioned, I have heard Tarantino rave about the following (in various interviews over the years):

DAY OF ANGER (QT showed this at one of his film festivals in Austin, TX a few years ago)

Sergio Sollima’s THE BIG GUNDOWN and FACE TO FACE.

I am sure there are others he loves and has discussed, but those are all I can recall at the moment.

(Bad Lieutenant) #7

Apparentyl he hosts spaghetti western nights:

(Sebastian) #8

in an email unrelated to this issue, I found this quote:

Tarantino is mad about the spaghetti western “Prega il morto ammazza il vivo” directed by Giuseppe Vari.

(m_burlock) #9

Thanks guys!! :slight_smile:

(jan) #10

I just read Tarrantino’s list of his favorite 20 movies of all times and number 1 is For A Few Dollars More and number 2 is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. He’s got taste! Regards, Jan

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Can You Told Us Which is this Top 20-List Of Tarantino?
I don´t know a new top 20 list with for a few dollars more (no. 1).


(Sebastian) #12

source link?

(magazine79) #13

Yes, the link, the source or the whole list.

Very interested about that!