[Project] Varied Celluloid film reviews preservation

After @Carlos had pointed out that all the links to variedcelluloid.net ran dead, I contacted Josh and it seems his site, which ran for a glorious 20 years, had indeed shut down last year. With our “A Fistful of Pasta” experience on my mind, I pitched to him the idea of bringing his spaghetti western reviews back, and he has given his blessing. So bit by bit, we’ll likely bring back as many of the articles published there as we can. Help is appreciated. I set up the archive site, and started with one review as reference for the format etc.


Next one is up

To my knowledge there are about 14 more reviews of spaghetti westerns there. Should be quick work getting those preserved.

Next one is up

Another one

and another one

and last one for today

Three more

This concludes step one, which was preserving those we had linked to. Step two will be the preserve the rest of the spaghetti western reviews that VC had originally published… I think that’s only 5 more or so, I should be able to finish the job over the weekend

And with the following ones completed, this project is accomplished (sooner than I thought)