Project Oro - DVD & VHS Store

I’m currently working on an online dvd and vhs store:

It is still in need of a lot of content and I still need to add shopping carts etc. too. I am however open for business.
I hereby would like to take the opportunity to offer the following 2 Dtuch Film Works dvd’s:

  • Today it’s me, tomorrow it’s you
  • God forgives, I don’t

Both very good quality releases, widescreen, English dub, new and factory sealed.
Will ship these for 12,00 euro per title, which includes shipping. Pm me if you’re interested. Also for titles you see on the site.

Please don’t take this as spam or anything. I will keep it limited to this topic, where I will report stuff of interest, spaghetti western dvd’s and tapes that is.

I’m working on the store, but it’s not operational yet. For the time being, if you wish to order, contact me through mail or pm.

Been busy with vhs sales, but as promised you can buy the ‘God forgives I don’t’ dvd (factory sealed) now, with the simple click of a button. Costs: 12 euro, which includes shipping (worldwide)
That’s also all you can buy this way for now, sorry.

Nice project

Already have the DVD
(A must for fans: the best release of the movie)

Also available now, all sealed except ‘A Genius…’ and for 12e incl. shipping:

  • Boots Hill (Video Film Express)
  • Django (Dutch Film Works)
  • Genius, Two Partners And A Dupe, A (Bridge Pictures)
  • Keoma (Dutch Film Works)
  • Today It’s Me, Tomorrow It’s You (Dutch Film Works)

Special offer, this week only:
Two titles of the above list for only 20 euro (incl. shipping). Also offering My name is nobody (Bridge Pictures). All discs new and sealed, except Bridge Picture discs not sealed.

Shame I already have them all Bad Lieutenant, as I like your prices :).