Professional Gunfighter For Hire

I can not seem to find it anywhere, but I was hoping someone on this site could help me. How much did a professional gunfighter for hire, cost him per job?

Please explain?

Referring to whoever bought his services. Example: Let’s pretend you were a professional gunfighter, and I wanted to hire you for a job. How much would you charge for your services? For say, six weeks. The whole job. And yes talking about 19th Century America. Didn’t want you to think other wise.

The Iron Mountain Ranch Company in Wyoming would pay Tom Horn $500 per cattle thief he killed, but you’re talking about the finest and most notorious hired gun in the West circa.1899-1900 or thereabouts. I assume you’re asking for research purposes, writing a bit of fiction or similar? So, you can adjust down from there depending on how highly rated your guy is.


Your assumption is correct. I am trying my hand at writing a series of books. A western no doubt. Much oblige for the information, Asa.

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[quote=“Timben, post:5, topic:4211”]
I am trying my hand at writing a series of books.

If that’s the case, then I wish you the best. The following links may help you.

All the best.

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Something else that may be of use:

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