Prayer Requests

Chris Casey sent me a quick e-mail today. His father had a minor heart attack and currently is in a Sierra Vista Hospital. Please keep him and Mrs. Casey in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days. I or Chris will relay further information as soon as available.

I will do that.
My best wishes to Chris as well - he is a very caring and lovely man.

I wish Chris’s dad a quick recovery
He and his very nice son sure will be in my thoughts over the next few days

All the best wishes of me and mine go out to the Casey family. We’re thinking of you Christopher.

All the best to your father and you, Chris!

All the best to your father indeed, stay strong. It happened to my dad 2 years ago. Scared the shit out of me.

All the best to your father and you, Chris!

Same here, Chris. Hang in there and best wishes.

Will gladly oblige.

All the best to the Casey family, especially Dad. Have a fast recovery.


Chris e-mailed me today to say he appreciated everyone’s thoughts and prayers. His father has had no more chest pains and is resting comnfortably. The doctors will be conducting tests over the next few days but their is a problem with his kidneys which they must address first.

Here’s wishing your father to a speedy recovery

Hopefully the worst is over and Chris’ dad is on the road to recovery. All the best to the family…

Get well soon, Chris’ dad