Prawo i Pięść / The Law and the Fist (1964)

It’s a polish movie with plot and setting that puts it in the ‘western’ corner. Action is set in 1945 right after WWII in a small abandoned town somewhere in western ‘regained lands’. There’s a group of people with a task to secure the town and later, resettle. The main hero decides to fight against bunch of bandits who claim the town only to loot the goods abandoned by retreating Germans. Despite the general lack of hats on characters heads, it’s a regular town western. Recommended, there’s even english friendly dvd at

Since you’re from Poland, you’ve probably heard of this movie:

Letnia milosc aka Summer Love aka Dead Man’s Bounty (1999)

It was uploaded on Cinemageddon, and even stars Val Kilmer
Look violent and interesting, but screenshots don’t tell the entire picture

Daaaamn, first time I hear of it! Looks “so bad it’s good” so I’ll definitely check it this weekend :smiley: