Poster Designer ID. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Italian


Hi. I am writing an article on the character poster in cinema and am trying to ID the designer of these Italian posters. Does anyone know who designed them? I would hazard a guess at Iginio Lardani who worked on the titles. But that is just a guess. I am new to the forum so do forgive me if this has been covered previously in another post.

(SourNote2014) #2

Why is “Il Brutto” here the only one standing at a weird angle?

(I like his chaps though)

(scherpschutter) #3

I asked myself the same question. I don’t like that aspect. Otherwise a great poster

(Novecento) #4

Did you already check in here?

I don’t have the book personally.

So weird. The perspective is all off.

(SourNote2014) #5

Tuco already stands out, he doesn’t need to look like he’s standing in front of a funhouse mirror.