Poster art from around the world

(mark) #101

Hi i just got this spanish one for the mercenary;

(mark) #102

For A Few Dollars More

(mark) #103

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

(mark) #104

Gods Gun

Take A Hard Ride

Day Of Anger

Return Of Sabata


The Big Gundown

El Condor

(mark) #105

Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears

Captain Apache


Man Pride and Vengeance

Go For Broke

Run Man Run

Gunfighters Of Casa Grand

A Bullet For The General

Too Much Gold For One Gringo

The great Silence

Arizona Colt


Return Of Clint The Stranger

Fabulous Trinity

Texas Adios!

Fistful Of Death

(Stanton) #106

This Mercenario poster is often used. Giovanna Ralli looks rather silly on it. Are their other ones?

I’m also looking for a nice poster of Se sei vivo spara. The usually used is ugly. There is a beautiful one in the lexicon of the german Sollima box.

(Raph_Alv) #107

Have “Bury them deep” ?

(mark) #108

Day Of Anger

Big Gundown

Twice A Judas

(mark) #109

A Train For Durango

And The Crows Will Dig Your Grave

Dig Your Grave Friend Sabata’s Coming!


Gentleman Joe

Duel At Rio Bravo

A Bullet For The General

Minnesota Clay

A Pistol For Ringo

(mark) #110

Today its me… tomorrow you

(mark) #111

Red Sun

(mark) #112

Texas Adios!

(mark) #113

Black Jack

Django The Bastard

They Called Him Amen

El Condor

(Sebastian) #114

Check this out

(Nick) #115

So does that mean I could scan the poster art that I own and post it online and not get dinged for copyright nonsense? If so I would like that very much.

(Sebastian) #116

Well in all likelyhood the company that originally held the copyright to it does no longer exist. But also I think it’s an issue of “fair use” which exists in US copyright but not in EU copyright… on the other hand… posters are advertising material, in that nature the more it is shared the more it fulfills its purpose… unless you can find the artist who made the poster… or unless it has a Paramount sticker on it, i wouldn’t know who would possibly come after you