Poster art from around the world

(Dorado) #81

Someone who has the rights to do so should add those posters mark has uploaded to the respective movies in the database if they are not already there.

(mark) #82

$5000 on the Ace (spain)

The Fury of Johnny Kid (spain)

The Implacable Three (Spain)

Fedra West (Spain)

Behind the Mask of Zorro (Spain)

3 Supermen of the West (Italy)

Bullets Dont Argue (Spain)

$100,000 For Ringo (Turkey)

(mark) #83

Buckaroo (Germany)

Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West

Son Of Zorro (Spain)

(mark) #84

Oklahoma John (Spain)

Johnny West

(mark) #85

Savage Guns (Spain)

Legacy of the Incas (Spain)

Ringo the Lone Rider (Spain)

Outlaw of Red River (Spain)

I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death (Spain0

Seven Guns For Timothy (Spain)

Two Violent Men (Spain)

(mark) #86

Stranger That Kneels Beside the Shadow of a Corpse (Germany)

Three Dollars Of Lead (Spain)

I Came, I Saw, I Shot! (Spain)

(mark) #87

$100,000 For Lassiter (Spain)

(mark) #88

Heroes of Fort Worth (Spain)

Bang Bang Kid

Long Days of Vengeance (Italy)

Killer Adios! (Spain)

Wrath of God (Spain)

(mark) #89

$20,000 on no. 7

A Barrel Full Of Dollars

A Pistol For Ringo

Long Day Of The Massacre

Light The Fuse… Sartana’s Coming!

Twilight Avengers

One More To Hell

(mark) #90

Ringo, It’s Massacre Time

Sting Of The West


West & Soda

Minnesota Clay

Last Ride To Santa Cruz

(mark) #91

Tex and the Lords of the Deep (France)



Face to Face

Bad Mans River

Viva Django!


Sartana in the Valley of Death

(mark) #92

It Can Be Done Amigo


Massacre Time


A Long Ride From Hell

(mark) #93

Stranger and the Gunfighter

(mark) #94

The Grand Duel

(mark) #95


Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears


(mark) #96

Viva Django!

(mark) #97

China 9 Liberty 37

Hate for Hate

Demasiados muertos para Tex

Shoot To Kill

Al este del oeste

Zorro, the Navarra Marquis

Man Of The East

The Deserter

Buddy Goes West

The Bounty Killer

Duel At Sundown

(mark) #98

Hellhounds of Alaska

Long Live Your Death

Gatling Gun

(mark) #99

Red Blood Yellow Gold

Mark of Zorro

Shadow of Zorro

Dead for a Dollar

Blood Brothers

(Stanton) #100

Oh god, some of these covers are very beautiful!

Do you have some motives from Il mercenario?