Por un puñado de polvos (1998, Antonio Marcos)

Database entry:

Porn western shot in Almeria.


Does anybody have the dvd? Or can perhaps anybody from Spain help me to it? It’s available for around €8 at some online shops, but I don’t have a credit card and shipping to Holland seems to be a problem.

What are Polvos?

Something like the Portuguese Elvis: Olvos the Polvos ?

also known as Fistful of Balls. Hahahaha!

hmm, at least there’s Sophie Evans ::slight_smile:

It means, [size=14pt]OCTOPUS[/size] in portuguese.

Ahah Chameleon seems to know more about Portuguese language than me ;D

Anyway ithe film and title are both Spanish not Portuguese. we do not have a porn industry, only some attempts (bad ones), polvos in Spanish means dust or powder., but and there’s alwyas a but in slang also means a quickie (a shag a screw, but a fast one)

So the title in English should read like this:A fistfull of quickies/shags

In Portuguese Polvo only means octupus nothing more (in Spanish octopus is pulpo)

I should brush up my Spanish, so it seems

Great title. Usually plenty of shooting in these type of films, well so I have been told :smiley: .

Fistful of Balls, part II: Great Balls of Fire

Yeah, especially in the face.