Polls are back in the Forums

Like the additions of the new polls…haven’t ranked anything yet except for Hannie Caulder because I watched it recently. I’ll try and start rectifying that tomorrow.


Lewis, it is possible to change the view of the poll results, so that there is always the same sequence from 5 at the top down to 1?

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This has been bugging me as well, Stanton. I asked that question in the discourse forums as I think this may be out of our control at the moment…

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It doesn’t seem like it, stanton. Whichever is winning automatically goes to the top. The system is rather basic, unfortunately, and doesn’t allow for too much personalization. It also takes the lower value in a tie, I believe, which is slightly annoying. But most of all, it does not even allow for anything on the poll to be edited after it has begun - including a simple title - so changing anything now would mean new polls and discarded votes. I think, for what it is, it’s a reasonably passable little feature anyway.

I will keep an eye on it, and hopefully they flesh this out a bit more