Poll: What was the best "spaghetti western year"?

Some examples of films from every year:

1964: Fistfull of Dollars, Bullets don’t argue
1965: For a Few Dollars More, Gemma’s Ringo films
1966: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Django, Navajo Joe, Big Gundown
1967: A Bullet for the General, Bandidos, Face to Face
1968: Once Upon a Time in the West, The Great Silence, Run man run, Sartana
1969: Django the Bastard, Sabata, No room to die
1970: Companeros, And God Said to Cain, Matalo
1971: Duck, You Sucker!, They call me Trinity, Blindman
1972: Trinity is still my Name, My Name Is Shanghai Joe
1973: My Name is Nobody, Those Dirty Dogs, Man Called Invincible
1975: Four of the Apocalypse, Nobody’s the greatest
1976: Keoma, Cipolla Colt
1977: Mannaja, California

Good question, but I don’t think you should primarily look at which films that were made each year.

More what year was the most important for the genre as a whole.

According to some sources, among them Christopher Frayling, the year 1966 was the year when the genre really took off, and numerous films were made that attracted big audiences.

So I say 1966 8)

I voted for 1964, the embryo year. My second choice would have been 1967, when Leone’s work started hitting the States in a big way.

1968: Once Upon a Time in the West, The Great Silence, Run man run, Sartana - of course :wink:
1964-1973 wow what a decade for great films !!!

I also voted for 1968 because I think the genre reached it’s peak that year. Once upon a time in the west and The Great Silence are my two favorite spaghettis and a high points in Leone’s and Corbucci’s career. After that year genre started to change more. Comedies, Kung fu and all the bizarre stuff started to sneak into genre and finally degenarating it.

1968 most def, with 1967 in close second place!

!969 was really the last great year for any kind of westerns IMO.

I took '66 out of laziness…should have given it more thought and done some research, but without doing it, I just think TGTBTG was so important to the genre that it probably eclipses the other years. Plus, it’s the year my better half was born.

There’s to much room for interpretation in this thread. A lot of Leone’s stuff hit the states years after it was made, so which year would be most Yanks, as opposed to Europeans?

Ooh this is a tough one Bill. I’m struggling between 1966 and 1968. 66 because of the landmark films made in that year. 68 because of the sheer number made. 68 also had some of the best releases but some of them (Run Man Run for example) were made as a result of earlier films from 66.
Alright I’m going for 66. Just on the basis that GBU, Django and Big Gundown were so influential.

I say 1976. Great year for Keoma and Get Mean.

1968 to me. The Year of The Mercenary ! :smiley:

My second choice would have been 1971.

Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead perhaps?

And Blindman, and The Carnimeo westerns. and Duck, You Sucker. oh and yes, shoot the livng pray for the dead. :wink:

1966, it’s clear to me! :smiley:

I went for 1966 because i think SW’s were getting in their stride then.

1968: Once upon a time in the West and The Great Silence and The Mercenary

(1 & 3 & 5 on my list)

I chose 1964 because that is when it all started.

[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:19, topic:662”]I chose 1964 because that is when it all started.[/quote]What about 1961? I heard some of the first modern spaghettis started then.