Polizio Poll

Yes, poll time again. Been so enjoying Polizios that I thought I’d get all ya’ll’s opinions as well. Hopefully some unknowns:

Best: Contraband (Fulci gore that actually adds to the film! Holyshit!)
Worst: The Boss (Slow and boring with an overdose of sleaze. Uncomfortably so. Completely unlikeable characters. I get that silva’s niche is playing cold as cice killers but a man who keeps a nymphmaniac as a para-mor is just too much.)
Under-rated: Fear in the City (lots of fun and action. What more?)
Over-rated: The Boss and seemingly all the Di Leo’s Ive seen. All two of em’. Killer vs. Killers (TurkeY!)

I like Silva in The Boss, love the way he delivers his lines, but the movie is a bit slow I think as well when Silva isn’t on screen.

Best: The Cynic the Rat & the Fist, Milano Calibre 9, Manhunt
Worst: Double Game
Under-rated: The Last Round, Kidnap Syndicate, The New Godfathers
Over-rated: The Big Racket, Revolver

Best: Manhunt or Milano Calibre 9 (Di Leo is the best anyway)
worst: Killer vs Killers or Cop in Drag (80’s shit)
under-rated: Cop in Blue Jeans and other early Nico Giraldi films.
over-rated: Beast with a Gun, Contraband

Not seen too many of these but when I have I’ll vote!

Best: Squadra Volante or Roma Violenta
Worst: Gang War In Milan
Under: La Banda Del Gobbo
Over: La Mala Ordina (though I still like it)

Best: Roma a mano armata
Worst: Haven’t seen one that is total crap yet, but one of the weakest was The Big Family
Under: Kidnap syndicate & From the police with thanks
Over: Most Massi films

Best: Weopons of Death / Cry of a Prostitute.

Worst: Bandits In Milan.

Under: The Counsellor.

Over: Revolver.

High Crime, Revolver, Almost Humane, Milano Calibre 9, Confessions of a police captain.
Killer vs Killers, Double game, Bandits In Milan
The big racket, Beast with a gun, Contraband, Manhunt
Il Boss, Violent Rome, Ricco the mean machine.

I find it too hard to pick a best to be honest.

I probably watch some of the Merli/Lenzi films the most though.

Have to watch more to get an opinion only have seen 4 or 5 films the Di Leo ones " La mala ordina" was quite good, and others that I recall having Luc Merenda or something on it