Poker with Pistols / Un poker di pistole (Giuseppe Vari, 1967)

Has anybody seen a longer version than the above mentioned 79 min Pal version (=83 min NTSC)?

In the Bruckner book the runtime is given with 85 min for the Italian and 86 min for the German version (which would mean that Blunt’s VHS tape is cut).
The English fandub probably used this tape as video source.

Nope. Cut version…

Slightly above average film, with interesting twists.
Unfortunately, you can see here, as in other Vari films, the low budget.
But Vari compensates this disadvantage, in which he gives the story an almost criminal Touch. In addition, with Eastman and Hilton here are two good actors. Unfortunately, the music and the camera work is very weak.
But all in all good fun. My Rating 6 / 10.

Watched this one this morning and my thoughts pretty much echo Sherps’ review.
Vari does well with what is clearly a low budget even for him and the leads are all just fine. It could clearly have been made as a contemporary crime / heist film as Eastman and Hilton work to unravel the counterfeit / kidnap plot while chasing dollars for themselves.
Dragged a bit in the middle and, as others have noted, leaves a bit too much action for the end. Enjoyable enough and certainly would be nice to see an improved print than the one currently circulating.
3 stars.

Good looking print. I’m hoping that someone will upload it to CG so i can grab it.

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Why don’t you just download it from the tube?

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It’s all set.

Old copy.

New copy.


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I downloaded (and watched) it too. I had before onyl a German VHS print which was cut by 3 min, and this looks pretty good, even if the image was too heavily filtered, giving the faces that notorious wax works look.

The film is still entertaing and still underrated, like most Spags of Vari. 6/10


Watched this last night and thought it was pretty good. Again Vari with no money still managed to provide a nice atmosphere, and I liked the plot as well as Hilton and Eastman. They’re far from my favourite spag leads but they along with the different story were good enough to keep me interested for the films duration. This is the fifth Vari western I’ve seen, and I know I’ll be in a very small, or maybe even exclusive minority, but I think this is his best apart from “Shoot the Living…”.

I love this genre but I do have a few regrets, and I think the fact that Vari was never given a good budget might just be the biggest.

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For me The Last Killer is by far his best, and The 13th Is a Judas his only forgettable one.

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Of the five I’ve seen I think I’d rank them like this.

  1. Shoot the Living…
  2. Poker with Pistols
  3. Django The Last killer
  4. A Hole the Forehead
  5. Degueyo

I’m not sure if I’ll ever see Death Rides Along. It doesn’t seem like it’ll ever be available in English. I actually have a bootleg of 13th… though, I just haven’t got round to watching it yet.