Plots, please

Would need a plot for a Lego-film. Could someone of you guys create a plot? Would be very nice. But no gore, porn or other impossible things ;).

A stranger comes into town and wants to buy up Lego town :smiley: , but the local town folk are having none of it :wink: .

Lego porn! What a great idea. Is there a Lego pizza delivery guy? :slight_smile:

You could actually do a Zombie theme, minus the gore of course. The maker of the Legoites uses bad paint that causes temporary paralysis that resembles death…only to climb out of their little Lego graves to stop motion across the earth turning other little Legoians into undead. Dismembering without blood would be easy…just pull off some of the pieces. Use Fulci’s Zombi 2 theme & call it ‘Night Of The Lego Dead’


hmmm…how about…a lego town is torn apart by two local lego outlaw gangs…then a mysterious lego gunslinger on a lego mule shows up and plays both lego gangs, lots of shooting ensues…wait…where have I heard this before?

[quote=“I…I…Idiot, post:3, topic:2077”]Lego porn! What a great idea. Is there a Lego pizza delivery guy? :slight_smile:


I’m sure it exists

Once I’ve seen one…

The best brickfilm out there is The Magic Portal. A quite old one.

Love The Magic Portal too. The first Brickfilm made.

The best plot is the one from your own life, Silence…

So any more thoughts on the plot then Silence ?