Please need help!

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ok this is driving me mad, its a mid 70 ies possibly late 60 ies italian/american western, i dont know the title or what actors is in it, all i have is fragments of the lyrics in the main theme of the movie, and the song in my head, its a male voice very much like the one that sings in " Keoma" very deep. it goes something like this :

— Your… allone, a solitary man… and when the sun goes down… ----

i have searched everywhere but this is my last chance, im giving up if nobody knows :’(

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Also known as A Man Called Blade in some places.
Once heard, that song is not forgotten.

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Here’s a link to Shobary’s music page if you want to relive a bit of the song.
It is listed under Guido & Maurizio De Angelis and is the first Mannaja song there.

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Woooh! thanx alot guys! ;D my mind is at ease!

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Hello, I found a dvd “Bandolero” from 1968 casting Rachel Welch and Dean Martin. Is this a spaghetti based western?
Any help

(Phil H) #8

I wouldn’t say spaghetti at all. However, it is a 1968 U.S western so obviously carries a certain ‘post dollars movies’ influence.
On the positive side it features Raquel Welch in torn garments which is worth the ticket price for me, plus there is Jimmy Stewart who I always like, George Kennedy being as rotten as you would expect and a decent Jerry Goldsmith score.
The down side is it’s directed by Andrew V. McLaglen who never really inspires for me.
If it’s cheap enough it’s worth a go but don’t expect anything outstanding. (except from Miss Welch of course)

(Stanton) #9

Bandolero should be a good film concerning story and cast, but it isn’t, thanks to Andy V(erveless). McLaglen.