Please Help … Name This Movie

Hello my name is Ron and this is my first post and I want to thank you in advance for your help…I saw a movie when I was a kid back in my old country. The movie starts with a man on a mule ( not a horse) with a hat that had a slit in it. You can not see his face. I want to know the name of this movie. I wish I can remember more. My friend thinks it was Tony Anthony movie but not sure… Does anyone have any idea? Thanks.

My guess is that it’s this movie, A Few Dollars for Django
In that case it’s Anthony Steffen:

I think it is Cosi sia. Don’t know the English title, something like A Man Called Amen probably.

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I think so too:ì_sia

Yes, you’re probably right. I haven’t seen it, only edited Tomas’s text

Cosi sia means ‘So be it’, which can also be rendered as ‘Amen’

Stupid me. I read it as a “mule with a hat” and not a man with a hat (on a mule) :smile:

I instantly thought of Cipolla Colt (Cry Onion) of course. Silly me.

Thank you so much . That is the movie that I am looking for. I am grateful.

There’s also a sequel to it, i think - but i wasn’t brave enough to watch it yet