Please Help: Lady encircle by men scene

I remember watching a spaghetti western film about 10-15 years ago. The only scene i remember from the film was a group of guys (I cannot recall if they were hispanic or Indian) surround a woman in I believe a white dress. They are located in an old pueblo type town (white building and sand ground) and I think it was daytime. Anyway, the men begin shoving her from one man to the next in the circle. Her dress gets ripped, but I do not believe there was nudity. There are close up shots of the men’s faces as she is pushed. Then she falls to the ground. Not sure if she is dead, fainted, etc. The men look at her on the ground and I think they walk away. Please someone help as I have been searching ALL OVER the net. Thanks in advance

There is a similar scene in The Moment to Kill, but doesn’t fit exactly your description (no pueblo and different conclusion).

Also, this scene with Rossella Bergamonti (that seems cut in all the versions I know) from Five for Revenge aka Five Giants From Texas comes to mind ‎as a possibility

Another similar sequence is in Shalako (Indians but no pueblo).