Please help, but not sure it’s a spaghetti western

My dad had a western movie on vhs back in the 80s. He watched it often, and he now wants to see it again. He’s suffering from dementia, and the only thing he can remember is that the beginning has a man, possibly bald and possibly dressed in black, coming across a body swinging from a tree. He cuts the body down and buries it in sandy ground.

That’s it. That’s all I have to go on. Hoping someone can help!


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A Man Called Noon?

Hi KenRian, and welcome. I’m so sorry about your Dad, but’s nice you want to help him relive some memories.

Let’s see, the opening is a possible bald man in black coming across a hanged man and then burying him. So far I’ve only encountered two bald men in SWs, Livio Lorenzon and Telly Savalas, and I’m fairly certain I’ve never seen either of them do a scene like that. It might very well be a 1970’s US Western as the closest thing I’ve come across or have heard of with an SW is Gianni Garko sitting on a beach conversing with a man he just killed in 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre.

I think I jumped in too quickly when I read “dementia” and “black,” assuming you might have meant Noon suffering from amnesia.

We need our A-Team in on this. @The_Man_With_a_Name is already here, let’s see if @aldo, @stanton, @runner or @Bill_san_Antonio can shed some light here between them. @Toscano might have some thoughts too, especially if it’s a non-spag we’re looking for. I haven’t seen Adios, Sabata in about a thousand years, I know we have a black-clad bald guy there, does he cut down a hanging man and bury him?

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Asa that’s the first Movie that came to mind for me as well and like you I can’t remember the opening scene

Ken welcome to the board and sorry about your father I’m sure its gotta be rough on you

I do not remember such an opening scene in a western, with or without a bald guy.

In ‘Adios Sabata’, Yul Brynner is ambushed in a livery stable by three Austrian government agents … whom he of course dispatches easily - one is left hanging by a rope around the feet, but there’s no burial involved.

PS: It was screened on BBC TV in the 80’s under the title, ‘The Bounty Hunters’

Welcome to ‘SWDB’, Ken…

Could it be ‘The Hanged Man’, a 1974 Western, starring Steve Forrest? The main character is dressed in black…

Or, perhaps 1959’s ‘The Hanging Tree’, starring Gary Cooper, again dressed in black…

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Hmm, maybe I really belong to the A-Team now :wink: :

Challenge Of The Mckennas/A Dollar and a Grave (León Klimovsky) music Francesco De Masi 1970

It’s a nice 6/10 SW for me with good acting by Robert Woods and John Ireland. A type of story I like.
Since I have watched it at least 3 times recently I remember this rather well.
At least it could be this SW.


I think you have it runner.

Haven’t seen this one in years but checked this online version and it seems to fit the bill to me:


Challenge of McKenna it is! You guys are amazing. You should have seen his face light up!

Can’t thank you enough!!!



Outstanding, @runner. :+1: :+1:

I’m really pleased one of our many brilliant forum members was able to assist you and your father, @KenRian, and I hope he enjoyed revisiting the movie!


Holy moly great catch man! I’m glad someone found it because I’m interested in checking it out myself.


Thanks for the info - just watched this movie for the first time (dailymotion - poor quality) as I was unable to buy it.
Good cast - slow paced - average SW.