Photo resolution for wallpaper creation (Once Upon A Time in the West)

I’m looking for a high resolution photo file of

photo in this site

which is from Once Upon A Time in the West movie, the final duel. I would like to create a wallpaper of that photo to my livingroom, but can’t find high resolution version anywhere.

Does anyone have tips for me how to track down something like this or is this a lost cause…

best regards,
Virpi from Finland

FB_IMG_1529403923718 here’s the one I use , I know this doesn’t help , but enjoyable none the less .

That one is also stretched vertically. Hurts my eyes :slight_smile:

I thought it added a little cinemascope feel to it .

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I should have posted this instead. I know the resolution is not high enough . the first was meant for a smaller screen

Thanks for all your replies!
Unfortunately there are no high enough resolutions of this in the net.
I think I have to settle for a smaller size canvas printed photo instead of having a large wallpaper of this.


This would have been so cool to have on a large wall :slight_smile:

I’ll leave this up for a week to download. 11520px x 4896px = massive

Would love to hear how your project turned out if you ever circled back to it!