The truly tragic event which had the misfortune of falling upon the head of one of our most esteemed members has instilled some ideas into my thought process.

What type of pet do you have, did have, will have, want?

I used to have a Golden Retriever named Max. He was the best and only dog I ever had. He was loyal, got the newspaper in the morning. Friendly, would curl up on your lap. And he was smart. He was into old age when I was born and lost hearing. but he still kept his same old chearful attitude. He died in 2000 at the ripe old age of 17. By Max.

I know have a female cat named Boris. Don’t ask. She’s black and very furry. She’s lazy but also very friendly. A bit neurotic but cool. She likes to relax and loves music. If you happen to be playing guitar around her. You’ll soon find a new friend.

I have a cat called Tom. 18 years old and all black with a few grey hairs :smiley: .

that’s a fine name for a cat - but who in their right mind would call a cat Sparky!!! :wink:

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:3, topic:1866”]that’s a fine name for a cat - but who in their right mind would call a cat Sparky!!! ;)[/quote]er me, but i’ve already explained on the previous thread the reason why Rev, if i have offended i’ll go and say some hail marys. lol.

My dog is a two year old boxer named Chief. He’s quite the gentle soul.

I had a few mice when I was little. But they came free with the apartment.

Were you that guy on Ben?

I also have an 18 year old black cat. She is called Queenie and is a bloody nuisance. She gets more and more neurotic and demanding as she gets older. For example, she will only drink out of a cup or glass. A bowl isn’t good enough for her apparently so I have to put a mug down on the floor for her in order to keep her out of mine. She has now also taken to sitting on my shoulder rather than my lap which is less than comfortable for either of us and seems to have been born of the ‘well you can’t ignore me if I’m here can you’ approach.

Having said all that I’ve had her longer than I’ve had the wife so she is well and truly one of the family and I wouldn’t be without her.

Mine has the same habit.

My pound puppy, George

Really? Man, that makes me feel better. I thought I was the only one pandering to such things.

Sure does Phil :slight_smile: . Other things include; if say you have some chicken and put on a plate will not eat as wants to be hand fed individual pieces, eats raw eggs and trys to crack open eggs, wants to go out just as you are going to bed (before it has a drink of water from a mug of course).

we have a two year old apricot/white Schnauzer/Poodle named Emma who is very smart, extremely friendly to people, and loves to play.

we also have three cats: Saffie who is a 7 year old Gray Tiger who is a mush with people and not very active. And then there are the two boys Kato and Django - both are 4 year old brown patched tabbies who behave more like kittens than adult cats most of the time.