Petition to include Mark Damon & Craig Hill (+ maybe Hunt Powers) in Lead Actor Hall of Fame

I was browsing the database’s hall of fame lists and, unless I’m completely missing something, I was surprised to see these recognizable names omitted.

Side note – It may just be me, but why is it that Brett Halsey is considered among the greats of the genre and has already made the list above these two (or 3) stalwarts?
After viewing countless spags by now the only one of note he has appeared in is, of course, ‘today we kill … tomorrow we die!’ - an excellent film, but other than that I thought Roy Colt and Winchester Jack to be up there with the worst I’ve ever seen.

I believe he has done a couple more that I have yet see, but even then that is, in my opinion, hardly enough to be included with the likes of those already on the list.

your thoughts???

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