Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu' DVD - CVC 1st edition

I was just wondering if anyone on this board has this DVD or knows where to purchase a copy? It’s long out of print and I haven’t had any luck finding it.

Is there any particular reason you want to get this one or do you just collect different releases?

It may be the only really uncut release of the film on DVD/Blu-Ray. :wink:

You got it. :wink:

I’ve been collecting all the different versions of SL westerns (laserdiscs, DVDs, BDs) released by CVC, MGM, Mondo, Paramount, and Ripley over the past year and this is the only one I can’t find.

[quote=“Sundance, post:3, topic:2624”]It may be the only really uncut release of the film on DVD/Blu-Ray. ;)[/quote]Do you know what the extra footage is?

I’m guessing it’s the complete beating scene:

Paramount’s release in Germany added more to the MGM release, but there still left out some of it.

Well supposedly the new Italian discs, both DVD & Blu-Ray, have a small cut during the beating scene. Don’t know if it is print damage or what, I haven’t checked it myself at all.

The beating scene on those Italian discs is over 10seconds longer though than the ‘restored’ scene on the German disc (and what, ~30 seconds longer than the one on the MGM discs [DVD&Blu-Ray]?).

It’s true, the MHE BD does have a minor cut during the beating scene. Here is a comment I posted on

"…the MHE blu-ray of FAFDM is also cut in an unusual way. The scenes of Manco and the horse in White Rocks and Indio’s laugh post-prison break are uncut. However, although the missing dialogue post-beating of Manco and Mortimer is there, there is a small cut during the beating scene that I have not observed in any other version (VHS, laserdisc, MGM BD, DVD). During the beating, Manco briefly fights back, gets punched and stumbles back, but there is a cut in the MHE BD at this point and you don’t see [Manco] stumble. It’s a minor cut but just proves that there is not a BD/DVD out there that is totally uncut."

At last! I finally acquired this elusive DVD. Now my $$$ collection is complete. I look forward to the Paramount BD release of OUATITW on May 31. Very interesting article Sundance :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if this the same as the yellow cover version?

Nope, that is the same cut version as the MGM discs (except only in Italian). [size=8pt]And thanks.[/size] :wink:

Cheers amigo! You saved me a few dollars there :wink:

Someonne saw that in duello between Mortimer and Wild Kinski have hole between eyes before coronello shoot?