Just getting started to this genre, not seen one yet and I’m a Euro Cult fan! What should I start with?

Well I’ve seen a few but although I’ve found them moderately entertaining I couldn’t say I would recommend any of them. To be honest I think the Italians hit their stride cinematically after the Peplum cycle.

Then I’ll go back to Spaghettis, Gialli and Polizios :D.

I’d have to agree here, though i do have a pretty large collection myself! Do find the 10 Gladiators series pretty amusing though, particularly the second and third ones…

and the forum :wink: .

Amusing is probably the best word to use for Peplums in general I think. Light entertainment, nothing more. But that is ok in itself as long as you don’t want anything more. I find them most interesting to see Spaghetti faces and names in what they were doing pre Spaghettis. In the case of Gordon Mitchell pretty much the same stuff only in a toga :smiley:

Not every Italian movie genre is per se worth dedicating your precious time.

as i have said on another thread on here the peplum genre does have a lot of rubbish and very poor films, some embarresingly so but there are some enjoyable films there and there are a lot of SW actors & directors.the gladiator and films involving the roman army are better than the " Strongman" ones featuring Hercules, Maciste, Samson etc.

I have said it already somewhere else, but Vittorio Cottavavi was a remarkable peplum director. His peplums are more intelligent and visually quite original…

I thought Hercules in the haunted world was quite excellent, although Reg Park doesn’t have half the charisma of Steve Reeves.

Talking of this one, i believe the dvd is oop now. Does anyone out there have it? And would they be willing to trade a copy of it?

DVD pacific has it for $12.13 US.

Thanks, i’ll have to look into this (when i have some money! Which could be a looong way off :P)

I know what you mean! I’m strapped for cash too but I figure its close to christmas time so I reckon I’m gonna splurge a little!

I thought it worth resurrecting this old thread, as I’d love to get hold of some of the better peplum, but I’ve yet to see one which isn’t in lousy, public domain standard quality, but also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy. I’ve seen quite a few over the years, so I know what to expect plot-wise, but I’ve never clapped eyes on a properly restored edition.

For example Fantoma’s release of Hercules in the Haunted world is apparently lovely, but even used copies are thirty dollars.

Can any of you good folks point me in the right direction?

This is a nice box I have, 4 discs. No English options though.

That’s odd, considering the box seems to be written in English. Is it in Italian with no english subs?

Dutch release, VideoFilm Express.
Box text is written in Dutch, only the film titles are in English.
Fall of the Roman Empire is in English, the rest in Italian. Optional Dutch subs. All films widescreen.

I was considering getting Something Weird’s release of Hercules Against The Moon Men / The Witch’s Curse.

Online reports say that the image looks vertically stretched, but that sounds to me like they are watching an anamorphic DVD unstretched on a 4:3 television.

Arent those dvdr´s? If so you’re better off downloading.