Peckinpah from Koch Media

I just produced the supplements for Koch - Media’s fine German DVD - release
of Peckinpah’s debut film. It will be the first worldwide with DVD extras:

  • featurette PASSION & POETRY - THE EARLY SAM (28 min. Engl. w. optional German subs)
  • Galleries with some 130 poster, LC’s & stills
  • Audio-Commentary (German)
  • Booklet (German)

Of course it’s the new wonderful 1:2,35 widescreen print that was done a couple
of years ago. Really fantastic.


Couldn’t they design a more beautiful cover?

Many of Koch’s westerns have surprisingly ugly covers. As we German’s say: Auge kauft mit.

Still need to see this one.

But I just got done with Alfredo Garcia, @mike_siegel and it is fantastic!

Highly recommended

For those of you capable of German, check the review at

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Maybe I should upgrade. I bought a Korean release more than ten years ago, at that time the movie’s only available DVD version, if I remember this correctly.

This new BluRay looks incredible. The sound is a mixed bag, but the whole thing is just worth every penny

Yes, I have to get it. The image quality of that Korean DVD leaves a lot to be desired.

You will love this one, it’s such a pristine transfer, with hardly any digital tampering, it feels like such a warm, textured thing, it’s like your 35mm print in your living room

It’s the same transfer as the earlier US release and I believe the even earlier Italian one (the French one is apparently poor).

If you don’t own the US one (which has more extra features than the Italian one), then the German one seems to be the one to get as Mike has added even more extra features. Unfortunately his commentary track does not have English subs so you need to understand German.

What I would like to see are Blu-rays of Junior Bonner and The Ballad of Cable Hogue.